About me

Vlado Urlich is considered one of the best quena players of Peru. He has demonstrated great knowledge of the instrument and has found a great balance between a virtuosic technique and a tremendous sound quality and musicality.

He was Born in Lima and started to play quena when he was twelve. With this instrument he began to explore Andean rhythms of Peru and South American folklore. Later, he experimented with Peruvian music and fused it with foreign rhythms. During this work, he also learned to play other instruments like the siku (andean panflute), guitar, piano, and charango and percussion.
In 1993 he graduated at the Conservatory of Music in Lima. At the same time he performed with bands playing a folk fusion on concerts and tours throughout Peru and in various European countries; on recordings, he accompanied most successful Peruvian musical formations on the quena and siku.

In 2001 he decided to settle in Spain and in 2007 he recorded his first album, „Los Cuentos del Camino”. In 2009 he moved to Prague and his concerts, where he transmits energy of music and the sound of flutes to the audience, are a big success in the Czech Republic. He also cooperates with leading Czech musicians on major projects. Vivaldianno with Jaroslav Svěcený and Michal Dvořák should be also mentioned.

Vlado Ulrich brought the sound of Andean flutes, besides others, to Spanish, Moroccan, German, Danish, Swiss, Austrian, Slovak and Czech stages.

He currently lives in the heart of Europe, Prague, and continues to spread his music and a thousand years old sound of quena.