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Los Cuentos del Camino


Produced by Vlado Urlich.
1 Los Cuentos del Camino (Vlado Urlich)
2 Amanecer (Trad. Celta)
3 Suspiro Limeño (Vlado Urlich)
4 Czardas (Vittorio Monti)
5 Sueños (Vlado Urlich)
6 Atipanacuy (Danza Morochuca-Folkore Peruano)
7 Huayno T (Jorge Cumbo)
8 Susurro del Ande (Vlado Urlich)
9 La Marcha Turca (Wolfgang A. Mozart)
10 Huascaran (Maximiliano Rosario Shuan)
11 El Diablo Suelto (Heraclio Fernández)

All tracks have been edited and arranged by Vlado Ulrich.

The "Los cuentos del camino" recording portrays a personal tale, full of encounters, loves and quaint circumstances of human activity. These experiences become our equipment in the game called life and also on my way, which I have started with the flutes years ago. That is the reason why I wanted to bring a compilation of beautiful melodies from all around the world and present them with a very personal tone.

I also wanted, within the project, to show quena (andean flute) as a solo instrument and introduce its versatility and richness of sound and expression. To offer to the listeners the fusion of sound of Ands with other music genres such as pop, jazz or world music, and to attempt to reach sort of cultural globalization aimed at sharing musical experience and drawing the attention of the music listeners.