Vlado Urlich World Music with andean flutes

Vlado introduces the magical sound of quena and siku flutes and also their combination with western instruments. Thanks to combining of different styles and rhythms, the musical language he speaks is modern. His work has Peruvian and Latin American roots, but it is also enriched by the rhythms of waltz, huayna or landó and it is influenced by various genres such as pop, jazz or world music.

The current performance is a transfer of the "Los Cuentos del Camino" album on stage. Vlado proves us at the concert, along with fellow musicians, how worldly the Andean flutes can sound, and he does so by playing both, his own compositions as well as the interpretation of famous melodies from all around the world.

Vlado Urlich - flute recitals

Vlado also performs as a soloist on quena (andean flute). His rich repertoire includes both the Peruvian and Latin American rhythms, as well as classical and baroque music. You can also listen to works of composers such as Telemann, Bach, or Piazzola, arranged for quena.
This project has two options:
- Quena and piano.
- Quena, piano and string quartet.

Lectures and didactic concerts

Vlado has been teaching for a long time, he has more than twenty years of experience in teaching of quena and other original Peruvian instruments play. He also organizes educational concerts and lectures about Peruvian music, Andean flutes and their history. The content and the themes of the lectures are based on the composition of the audience (pupils of elementary and secondary schools, university students, conservatory students, or music schools students). These educational concerts have always enjoyed wide public interest in Spain, Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic.